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Hi there! My name is Kali Slaymaker, and I'm an Eastern Iowa + Destination wedding and elopement photographer. I shoot all forms of love including weddings, elopements, and families. I find inspiration in nature, my relationships, and leaving my comfort zone. Being a photographer constantly makes me more aware of my surroundings - the way the earth changes color each season, the shift in light, the connections and habits people form to create a special bond with someone no one else has. These things all make me constantly aware of how fortunate I am to have this job! How amazing is it that I get to third wheel people in love and capture their story? People who value me, my art, and take me on funnnn adventures with them. I AM SO DANG GRATEFUL! Honestly my heart literally feels like it could burst out of my chest when my clients express how happy they are with their photos. Other things that make my heart race:

  • Exploring new places - seriously! I know travel is trendy and cool right now, but I actually get GIDDY when I think about being in a new place. So if you want someone to tag along on your destination wedding and match your level of stoke, I am your gal! P.S. - I use A LOT of exclamation points, so I hope you do, too.

  • Dogggggos! For real. I am obsessed with my dog and sometimes when I look at him I could cry of happiness. If you think I'm crazy, I do not relate.

  • Music! Music just makes me feel all the feels and I love it so much. We will definitely be listening to music during your session.

  • Authenticity. FO REAL. If you're wondering hmmm should I use all the exclamation points when I reach out to her? Yes. You should. I will love it because I just want you to show up exactly as you are.

 Back to the photo stuff, ya know? My goal when you look at your photos is that you can sense the chemistry between you and your loved one in the image. I want your images to feel authentic to you, so please be yourself during the session - dress how you feel comfortable, bring your favorite food or drink, and do not try to be anyone but yourself. I'm a VERY giddy person. For example, if I take a photo of you and I'm feeling it, I might squeal, dance, or both! I love meeting people jazzed on life who don't take themselves too seriously. I think we should all laugh more! So I'll crack a ton of jokes during your session to get those genuine laughs!

One of my major sources of inspiration is traveling. I believe the earth is too vast, diverse, and beautiful to stay in one place, which is why I love to travel around the world and feel how small I am in the grand scheme of things. Adventuring with clients is an amazing way to bond and bring our true connection in yours photo. If that sounds appealing to you, check out my travel schedule here. Nothing feels quite as right as visiting a beautiful location like a waterfall, side of a mountain, white-sand beach, or a slot canyon and just being. Soaking in all the beauty of the moment and feeling the wind through your hair. If this speaks to your free spirit as well and you'd rather get your dress dirty romping around versus having a day planned to the minute, I think we'd be a great fit and would love to chat

My favorite part of being a traveling wedding photographer is having the privilege of creating a meaningful experience for you during this important time in your life. We will meet as strangers over coffee or phone, and end as friends. I do not want to be a wedding photographer that shows up, gets a few shots, and goes home. I want to be your friend!!! I'll cry during your vows. I'll catch your veil if it flies off your head. I'll laugh my head off with you while dancing the night away. My goal is to enrich your wedding or elopement day, while ensuring you receive beautiful photographs that make you feel known and loved. 

A few more of my favorite things:

my husband + my chocolate lab Fletcher + Jesus + laying in a hammock on a sunny, summer day + being sarcastic and laughing too loud + Criminal Minds + Stranger Things + being outdoors (chaco season is best season) + coffee + experiencing new things + cooking when I don't have to clean up + running + online shopping + home decorating + wine + connecting with people + personality tests & Strengths Finder (let's chat about yours!) + capturing my life through a lens

Here is a small snippet of my life traveling the world and loving on my husband and pup!


*wedding photos courtesy of Autumn Nicole Photo*

I'm located in Iowa City, IA, but I travel often and would to meet you wherever you are!