My 2018 in Review | Kali Slaymaker Photography | Iowa City & Midwest Wedding Photographer

2018. What a year it has been! This was my first full year as a wedding photographer and wow! I never could have predicted the whirlwind it has been. I am so so thankful for my clients for hiring me and trusting me with their memories. I’ve had the privilege of documenting love in Clearwater, FL, San Francisco, CA, Big Sur, CA, Seattle, Washington, Dillon, CO, the Oregon Coast, Idaho Springs, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Horseshoe Bend, AZ, Banff, Canada, Jamaica, plus plenty of Iowa weddings as well! I’ve been on 66 flights this year. That makes my head spin, but I love getting to adventure this beautiful world!

Throughout the craziness of this year, I’ve felt overjoyed and thankful, and also broken to the point of tears many times. I am so thankful for my husband who is supportive, keeps the ship running, and sends me plenty of snaps of Fletcher while I’m gone. I really prefer when he gets to come with me! :) I’m also thankful for friends and family who frequently check in on me and feel blessed to have such amazing, funny, kind, and amazing friends to spend my time with.

I’ve grown tremendously as a person. I have learned to me more independent, but at the same time learned when to ask for help. I’m still learning how to find balance between working all the time and just. Relaxing. I’m excited to grow my business next year and find new creative opportunities. I have learned SO much this year and am thankful for all the education opportunities, friends, and mentors I’ve met through this industry. It really is one of the best. More than anything, I try to remind myself that what I do is important. There’s few days in your life like a wedding where you’ll experience so many emotions and have so many important people (should you wish, or I’m always down for elopements) surrounding you at the same time. I remind myself to document that. The love. The photos people will look at of their loved ones for years to come. While their jewelry and shoes are pretty, that detail shot won’t mean nearly as much as a photo of them hugging their loved one. My goal is always to tell the truth. Tell their story. Serve my couples. AND HAVE FUN!

It’s bittersweet to wrap up 2018. It has been an AMAZING year, with so many opportunities I’ve only ever dreamed of. It’s also been exhausting. Constantly on the go and working more hours than at times I thought was humanly possible. But such is life, it moves on. I’m excited and looking forward to all 2019 brings. I’m a constant planner and looking forward to the next big thing, so a huge resolution of mine it to BE PRESENT. Enjoy the moment for what it is, not constantly looking forward to the next. Count my blessings, and just have more fun, more travel, and more wine. Bring it on, 2019.

If you’re getting married in 2019 or know someone who is, let them know to reach out ASAP! My open availability for weddings and elopements is dwindling and I want to hear from you!!