My Trip to Ireland | Ireland 2017 | Adventure Wedding Photographer

In the fall of 2016, I was perusing airline tickets (almost daily thing for me) and I saw that Delta was having a major Europe sale. Almost everywhere from Chicago, IL to Europe was around $400 RT, I could not believe it! I almost flew my little self back to Italy, but I forced myself to go somewhere new, ha! (Plus I really want to go back to Italy with my husband this time :) )

After the grueling decision of where to go - IRELAND! - my friend Camille and I booked for September 2017! We made this decision in about an hour and it is one of my best ones yet! This country is seriously stunning, people. You must go. My friend Alyssa joined the trip about two months out and snagged a non-stop flight (jealous).

I've FINALLY put together a blog post of our travels around Dublin, Galway, the Wicklow Mountains, and of course - the Cliffs of Moher. We really lucked out with weather - it was 65 and sunny most days. The friendly locals told us we should buy lottery tickets with how fortunate we were to have this weather! 

Ireland is stunningly green, vast, and just brings a sense of home. The type where you're in nature and you just feel like you belong in this world - at this very moment, in this very place. One of my favorite countries for sure. I'm also dying to go back. There were so many locations that I was like, "SOMEONE NEEDS TO ELOPE RIGHT HERE!" So, if you've ever considered an Irish wedding, hit me up! The backdrop would be the most stunning, perfect location for you and your boo thang in your wedding attire. Let's do it!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2017, friends!


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