Colorado Elopement near Rocky Mountain National Park

Mackenzie and Michael had one of the dreamiest and laidback mountain elopements with a ceremony at Sleepy Hollow Park, portraits at Rocky Mountain National Park, and a reception at an AirBnB near Fort Collins. When they initially reached out to me they shared how they knew they wanted it to be very few people and that they wanted to say their vows surrounded by mountains and they appreciated my love for elopements and the Colorado mountains - yes, yes, yes! I absolutely love Colorado elopements and would shoot them ALL the time!

Mack and Michael found this beautiful little spot to have their ceremony with all their guests and chose to venture over to Rocky Mountain National Park for just portraits. Wedding ceremonies inside of RMNP can only be held at certain locations, and a photography permit can be purchased for all other sessions! Following these guidelines ensures the park can monitor traffic and protect these beautiful lands we get to enjoy!

They chose not to have a wedding party, but Mack still got ready with her best friends at their cute AirBnb in Fort Collins. We drove out to the ceremony location at Sleepy Hollow Park where they had flowers in vases lining the aisle and her parents walked her down to a teary-eye Michael waiting for her by a rushing river surrounded by epic trees and all those closest to them. It was a sunny day with little drops of rain sprinkling down - it truly felt magical.

During Mackenzie’s vows, she talked about how she loves spending time with Michael and that no matter how much time they were together, she never felt tired of his presence or the exhaustion we sometimes feel from being around people. The reason for that is because when she’s with Michael, she’s just herself. There’s no facade or impression she’s trying to make, she just simply is. There really wasn’t a dry eye in the audience, including myself behind the camera. I think we can take for granted being in love and having someone to love you. When you stop and think about how incredible it is to have a partner that you feel 100% comfortable and yourself with, it really is a miraculous thing. It sounds cheesy, but I think it’s a remarkable thing to find someone your soul just meshes with - whether you consider it a soulmate, spouse, partner, whatever - I feel so lucky to be around people who feel this love and just radiate it on their wedding day.

It was easy to see they were SO loved by everyone around them. After the ceremony, we headed out to Rocky Mountain National Park to take some portraits of just the two of them, let them share their first dance, and just soak up those just married feels!!

After that, we drove back to the AirBnb to eat some DELICIOUS homemade enchiladas Michael’s grandma made and toast to their new marriage. It was the perfect day and I feel incredibly blessed to be invited into these moments and get to capture and preserve the emotions of the day.

I am ALWAYS down to head to my fave state of Colorado - so if you’re thinking for a photographer for an engagement, wedding, or just because session - I’d love to chat with you!

Vendor Credits:

Dress: Floravere

Suit: ASOS