Laidback Iowa City Outdoor Wedding

Halle and Dan are two of the sweetest souls and planned a unique, laidback outdoor wedding that fit their adventurous and joyful spirits. They were wed outside with the sweetest ceremony where they sang together, washed each other’s feet, and exchanged heartfelt, hand written vows. Their summer wedding day turned out to be a perfect, sweet celebration of them joining together in marriage. Many brides in Iowa worry about having an outdoor ceremony because the weather can be unpredictable! However, outdoor ceremonies are so so gorgeous. A few reasons why I’m partial to outdoors wedding ceremonies:

  1. The natural light! Nothing makes a beautiful photograph quite like natural light. It creates beautiful, clean photos for your ceremony.

  2. Nature! If you’re an outdoorsy couple who love to be outside and enjoying nature, you should totally be doing that during your wedding ceremony when you’re committing your lives to one another!

  3. Vibes. There’s something really beautiful and calming about being outside, feeling the wind blow your hair, the sun shine on your face, and breathing in fresh hair while you’re joyfully saying your vows to one another.

  4. It’s okay if it rains! A little rain - or snow - on a wedding day doesn’t kill the mood. Embrace it as part of your story and your wedding day. Provide umbrellas for guests and just go with the flow! It can create a unique and fun memory. However, if it’s thunderstorming or you just aren’t feeling the rain - have a back up plan! Being able to move indoors that is relatively close is always a good idea. Remember - the day is about beginning your marriage, which is more important than the wedding day! It will all be okay!


Gown: Maggie Sottero

Bridal Shop: Hope’s Bridal

Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse

Venue: Secrest 1883 Octagonal Barn

DJ/Video: MDL Events

Florist: HyVee

Caterer: Ruzicka’s

Their beautiful summer wedding is a perfect example of being able to put together a beautiful wedding day with a DIY flair. They put together many of their decorations themselves and focuses on having a meaningful day full of their love for one another, their family, and friends.

It makes me so happy to see couples truly embrace their day for what it is - a celebration of their love! They smashed cake, coordinated a dance, and frolicked in the rain during sunset photos. I hope you enjoy their gorgeous laidback, outdoor wedding near Iowa City as much as I did!